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Boulder Bluff Variable Pitch Whistles:
(Sometimes Called Shepherd's Whistle)

This is the most universal of all whistles. The advantage of using this whistle is you can vary the pitch to make any sound you feel comfortable with. Once you have learned how to make a variety of sounds, you can teach your dog what you want him to do on a sound of your choosing.

The dog will respond a lot better to the sound of a whistle than a voice command because he can hear the whistle sound at a long distance as well as up close. Professional dog trainers around the world use this whistle to teach their dogs many different activities.

For example you can teach your dog to down, here, right, left, bite, jump, roll over or anything else you can teach him to do with a hand signal or voice command. Each one of these activities will have a different sound.




1 - 9 Whistles

$2.00 each

10 - 49 Whistles

 $1.60 each

50 - 99 Whistles

$1.20 each

100 -1000 Whistles

$1.00 each

Variable Pitch Dog Whistle


We also have on CD or Cassette Tape several whistle sounds and corresponding voice commands. Each whistle sound is repeated several times so you can practice the different sounds.  We furnish Whistle instructions with each order. 

Or Click Here for Whistle Instructions.




Instructional Cassette Tape


Instructional CD



We sell only the “BREAK-A-WAY” lanyards for the safety of our customers.

  • Width: 1/4" Round Cord
  • Length: 35"
  • Material: Polyester Tight Braid
  • Attachment: Swivel Hook
  • Colors: Black, Royal Blue, Green, Red, White
  • Availability Status: In Stock, Can Ship Today
  • Badge Holder Compatibility: 63040C, 63040, 63040PC, 64080V, 63040V

Common Uses: Dog Training, Sports, School and Children's Activities 



1 - 4 Lanyards

$3.00 each

5 - 9 Lanyards

$2.75 each

10 or more Lanyards

$2.25 each

Dog Whistle Lanyard

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Phone & Fax 479 651-4772

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